Welcome to House Carr

By Tendrik Carr on February 19, 2018
Tales of a Clockwork Vampyre [001]

Lord Carr exited the steam-carriage with seemingly nary a care in the world. The 3 o'clock airship from Londinium would arrive at the main landing tower in a matter of moments. Three crates of the new Lunarite power crystals were scheduled to be on-board, but the most important item the ship carried would walk down the gang-plank from the main passenger cabin.

A year and a half had passed since Tendrik had met Miss Trixie Noel, of the Glastonbury Noels, at a small club on Phelan's Isle in the Western seas. He had waited impatiently through the Scientific Council scandals of the previous year and the aborted near-war with the Mechanite Empire of the Northern Steamlands which followed, but the day had finally arrived. Soon, after a brief ride to the upper platform of the tower, he would at long last hold his fiancee in his arms.

The end of the month would see the two of them whisked away by airship to the small, unassuming town known only as "The Meadows" in the Western desert. There they would be married in a simple but lovely civil ceremony, witnessed by a few members of Miss Trixie's family. After enjoying the desert climate for all too brief a time, they would return by airship to the primordial forests of the Northern regions of the Great Lakes Republic.